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                                                     Algebraic Topology Seminar


                                                                                       S. Sabatini


                                                                                                                 (contact:  sabatini (at) math (dot) uni-koeln (dot) de)


                                                                        (Wintersemester 2014/2015) 








Schedule of presentations:   Friday 8:15 - 9:45  in Seminarraum 1 des Mathematischen Instituts (Raum 005)


Teaching assistant: Dr. Thomas Rot  (email: thomas (dot) rot (at) uni-koeln (dot) de)


Language of the oral presentations:  English


Prerequisites:  Although it is not strictly required, it is recommended that the students attending this seminar also attend the Algebraic Topology course.


Content of the presentations: The presentations will treat themes in algebraic topology from a differential point of view (e.g. the De Rham cohomology groups                                                                         of a differentiable manifold) and will be based on several sources, including







                       If you are interested in attending the seminar, please contact me as soon as possible at the email address above.














"Young man, in mathematics you don't understand things.  You just get used to them."  -  John von Neumann


  • An Introduction to Riemannian Geometry: With Applications to Mechanics and Relativity (Universitext), by L. Godinho and J. Natário

  • Differential Forms in Algebraic Topology (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) by R. Bott and L. W. Tu





  • October 17th 2014 - Marcel Zimmer:  "Tensors" (Chapter 2 Sect. 1 of the book by Godinho and Natário) 


  • October 24th 2014 - Moritz Schily 



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